The objective of ASA provides members the opportunity to access expertise for good business practices with better professionalism in the sector. It helps members to:

  1. Promote and protect the interest of Automotive Industry and their expertise in a targeted business field.
  2. Promote and encourage the formulation of trade test and standards in skills development and to provide necessary training to enable members to achieve and meet standards.
  3. Promote and encourage links with local and/or international partners to improve business opportunities in cooperation between members.
  4. Develop partnerships to deliver business contracts and organize learning trails to enable knowledge exchange.
  5. Consider and support or to oppose any proposed legislation or other measures affecting the interests of members and to cooperate with and make representations to any Government agencies for the purpose of safeguarding the interest of the members.
  6. Act as a medium of communication within the members and external agencies to influence collectively the development of policies for national and international agencies and trade requirements.