News Release


06 Jan 2020

ASA helping members to equip with necessary Safety Measures in Workplace



Awarding Grant to assist workshop to set up Hybrid/EV Facility

ASA and K-Tech Auto Solution Pte Ltd jointly administrate the project.

With the increasing number of Hybrid vehicle on the road, there is a need to set up facilities by independent workshops to cater for the coming high demand on service and repair.

ESG has award a 50% grant to assist Automotive Workshops to setup Hybrid/EV Facility.

02 Sep 2019

Team from SME Centre visited ASA with K-Tech to discus the project

Team from SME Centre visited participants with interview and project administration



Signing of MOU Between


Recognizing the mutual interests and benefits in strengthening cooperation within the field of auditing, system certification and business excellence

16 May 2019

IMI (UK) Approved Assessment Centre

22 Apr 2019

IMI (UK) Partnership with ASA

28 Mar 2019

IMI (UK) signed an agreement with ASA on Partnership to extend Automotive Knowledge & Skills Programs in Singapore.


First meeting was held for the following agenda -

Formation – Introduction of ASA

1. Key Person – Roles and Responsibilities

2. Policies – Objective, Mission

3. Administrative – New Application Approval

4. Secondary Appointments




Automobile Services Association was registered on 31-Jan-2019 under the Societies Act.